ITEC Level 5 Sports Massage

This qualification is for people who wish to gain a higher level of learning in the Sports Industry.

You are required to hold Sports Level 4 as a pre-requisite to undertake this course.

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This course will give the leaner the skills to conduct a complex assessment for Sports Massage which includes advanced analysis of posture and gait.  It will also consist of advanced tests and assessment methods of understanding the cause and effect of the injury, devised from the information gathered, it will also provide a treatment plan to treat the injury.

It will also teach the learner to provide effective aftercare including stretches, self help and how to manage the injury.

The learner will also gain the knowledge of how to perform a sports Massage treatment and understanding complex techniques to work as an Advanced Sports Massage Therapist which includes detailed bio-mechanical assessments, testing and analysing the integrity of the muscular and neurological systems.

This level consists of two mandatory units, 459 Conduct Complex Assessment for Sports Massage and Unit 460 Provide Complex Massage Techniques for Sports Massage and treat Sports Injuries.

Unit 459 also comprises of Treatment evidence of 5 client consultations and assessments. Unit 460 also required evidence of 5 treatments 

There will be a practical examination of 1 hour.

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