Reflexology ITEC Level 3 

This course consists of:

 6 - 1 day Modules - duration approx 4/5 months. 

This course can be done by either qualified therapists wishing to enhance their skills or by a complete beginner.  The beginner will need to also do the e learning course on Anatomy & Physiology. Ask us for further details.

Reflexology is an ancient therapy that preceded acupuncture. It is applied by using a specific pressure technique to the feet or hands where the internal body structures and organs are mapped or mirrored in miniature.  It is simple non-invasive treatment, which helps the body to maintain a delicate balance between the body's main systems.  

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This course covers;

Unit 381 Provide Reflexology for Complementary Therapies

Optional Units
386 Healthy Eating and Well Being for the Complementary  Client.

Students are required to compile case studies - 60 treatments, with an additional 40 treatments with reflective practice.   
Case studies will need to be handed in by the end of the course.   
Sessions start at 8.30am and finish at 4.00pm
Students may be required to bring their own couches for this course.

(If you have already done ITEC Massage Diploma no additional units will need to be done.

For students who are not qualified you will have to do Anatomy & Physiology (Unit 383) Complementary Therapies (Unit 384) plus Business Practice (Unit 385).  Please note when you complete the enrolment form please tick for either Reflexology with/or without A & P

One additional day is required for ITEC practical exams which consists of a 1 hour practical. 

For students doing the A & P there will be a 1 hr theory exam as well as a 1 hr practical exam.

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