Massage  ITEC Level 3 - duration 5 taught days

This qualification is an ITEC level 3 Diploma course - it will enable you to perform a full massage on clients once qualified.The massage routine covers the whole body and follows a specific format.  This is a lovely treatment to give and you will be helping you clients with reducing their stress levels and increasing their well being.   

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Practical Massage Element: 
Unit 380 - Provide Body Massage for Complementary Therapies.
36 massage treatments to be performed on a minimum of 15 clients. To include 16 case studies (8 clients treated twice) plus 20 treatments.
You will be shown the full body massage routine to be performed on clients, this includes back, back of legs, face and neck, arms, abdomen and front of legs.  The treatment will be carried out in a commercially acceptable time of 1hr. 
Practical Exam - 45 mins, you will need to provide the client.

Unit 383 - Knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies
This section of the course is covered by internet e learning and once you enrol and start your course you will be given a login and you will be able to login for up to 12 months.  Your tutor will monitor your e learning progress and any Anatomy & Physiology areas you are unsure you can bring them up in class and it will be fully explained to you.

Unit 384 - Principals and Practice for Complementary Therapies - class based and home study
4 written assignments on a choice of complementary therapies - to include the concept, origin and development, therapy objectives, regulation and legal obligation, training required and key aspects of good clinical practice.

Unit 385 - Business Practice for Complementary Therapies - class based and home study
A written assignment creating a business plan covering - mission statement; market research; competitor analysis; premises and location; corporate image; products, services and prices; fixed and variable costs; staffing requirements; SWOT analysis; risk analysis; marketing and publicity; finance; additional professional services; legal requirements; security and data protection; and customer service and communication.

Unit 386 Healthy Eating and Well Being for the Complementary Therapy Client - this is an optional unit, class based and home study.
A written assignment covering knowledge of basic nutrients; how processing and environmental pollution affects nutrients; elements of a balanced diet and eating regularly; general effects of nutritional imbalances; metabolism, basal metabolic rate and units of energy; food labelling and general healthy eating recommendations for clients.

Sessions 8.30am until 4.30/5pm - this includes a break for lunch.

The course will consist of 5 sessions plus an exam date.  The first weekend of the course generally will be a Saturday and Sunday and then Saturday's and/or Sunday's for the remaining sessions.
The dates are on the course dates page and all dates listed (5 plus exam date) must be attended.

We are also involved in the new Wadenhoe Spa and students will be required to gain some experience by doing a minimum of 3 hours of supervised treatment in the Spa.  This is to help you gain confidence to either work on your own as a therapist or to see if you would like to work in this type of environment.  This is a part of your course and is unpaid.

Pre-entry requirements: 
Minimum age 18 no previous experience necessary, 
5 GCSE’s at grades A-C. Adult learners will be accepted by an interview with Avril or Sarah.

E-mail us to ask to be put on the waiting list or to ask any questions.

Students may be required to bring their own couches.
It is imperative that you to check the ITEC website for a full breakdown of the course and the assignments that are required for this course.  
There are additional hours to be carried out for both theory and practical and the website has a breakdown of the recommended hours required.

ITEC Exams will follow shortly after  the last teaching day of the course.
One additional mornings is required for the ITEC exams which consists of a 1 hour practical examination followed by the theory exam.
Click here for the ITEC syllabus

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